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About Mithil

About Mithil

“Live life blissfully” Profound message, isn’t it? It was written by 10 ½ year old Mithil on a post it, to hang at his mother’s cubicle. We all soon realized however, that these were not just words on a paper, but that they were the true philosophy that Mithil lived by. Even through his sickness, Mithil’s positivity never wavered and he spread that joy wherever he went.



Live Life Blissfully


Mithil, meaning “kingdom of Mithi”, was a name chosen by his big sister. Mithi, as we all lovingly called him, came to our lives during the holiday season, on 29th December 2003. Right from the time he could speak, he was a chatter box, full of energy and animation! He could start a conversation with a 2 year old or a 75 year old. Mithi always made people laugh with his silly jokes and goofiness.
Mithil encouraged everyone around him to do their best. He always looked at everything from a positive angle. When someone was feeling low, he would put his arms around them and say “its going to be Ok”. Somehow he pulled them out of that situation and engaged them in a random game or make them laugh at goofy jokes. He always knew how to make people feel better.
Mithil was a voracious reader, big Star Wars fan, loved playing with Legos, Minecraft and Clash of clans. Baseball was his favorite sport. He was the starting pitcher for his baseball team. Mithil was also the "tech guru" of the family. He was a very confident and outgoing kid. Even at such an young age, Mithil knew himself very well and was proud of who he was.

On a trip his grandparents place, we noticed Mithil's gait was a bit off. Suspecting it was from jet lag we brushed it aside for couple of days. But then it seemed to get worse and prompted a doctors visit. On August 1st 2015 our world was turned upside down! We immediately rushed back home and met the doctors. That was when we were told that Mithil had DIPG - Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. We had never heard of this disease and worse, the prognosis of 6-8 months left us shocked!

For the next 16 months, Mithi fought fearlessly and did everything he could to make our lives as normal as possible. It was during this difficult time Mithil showed us he was way beyond his years. He taught us how to be positive in the face of adversity, how to focus on our abilities rather than our disabilities, how to still laugh and fight for what we love the most. Mithil and his family tried to do everything they could and never lost hope. Still, on November 27th, 32 days short of his 13th birthday, this beautiful boy became an Angel!