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About DIPG

Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) are highly aggressive and difficult to treat brain tumors found at the base of the brain. They are glial tumors, meaning they arise from the brain's glial tissue—tissue made up of cells that help support and protect the brain's neurons. These tumors are found in an area of the brainstem (the lowest, stem-like part of the brain) called the pons, which controls many of the body’s most vital functions such as breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate.
-- danafarberbostonchildrens.org

"DIPG: A brief definition and history" by Dr. Nick Vitanza



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DIPG Statistics

Deadliest Pediatric Brain Tumor
Children affected every year in US
Children affected every year worldwide
Potential years of life lost per year
Years, median age of children diagnosed
Months, median survival time
Years, with the same prognosis, no survivors
Percent of federal cancer fund for DIPG

Join us to Amplify DIPG Awareness


  • Social Media Campaign: Utilize the power of social media to raise awareness about DIPG. Share informative posts, personal stories, infographics, and videos. Month of May is brain tumor awareness month and May 17th is DIPG Awareness Day. September is childhood cancer awareness month. You can especially post on social media and organize events during these months. Use hashtags such as #DIPGAwarenessDay and #CureDIPG to amplify our message.


  • Educational Events: Provide us avenues to educate the public about DIPG. We can help you organize webinars, panel discussions, or workshops with medical professionals, researchers, and DIPG families. Contact Us.


  • Contact Legislators: Reach out to local, state, and national representatives to advocate for increased funding and support for DIPG research. We will help you share personal stories and statistics to emphasize the urgency of finding a cure for this devastating disease. Check list of bills here.


  • Fundraising Events: Join our fundraising events, such as annual gala in December every year, to raise funds for DIPG research patient support. Encourage your community members, friends, and colleagues to contribute to the cause. Support our annual gala.